nibindd wont start on 10.4 client


This is a NetInfo issue, so I'm posting in the OS X Server forum, though I am using OS X client systems.

I have had no problem starting up nibindd on my Mac OS 10.2.8 system (dual G4), but I have had not been able to start nibindd on my new (iBook G4) Tiger client, though I have added the following settings to /etc/hostconfig:


The RPCSERVER setting doesn't appear to be necessary on my 10.2.8 system, but I've heard in mentioned in this regard.

No pid file is created, nor can I interact with nibindd. When I attempt to start nibindd manually, it simply blocks the terminal, and does not create a pid file (nor does it show any other signs of life).

Any suggestions? Any new Tiger features I'm unaware of?