Nice redesign, but...


Nice redesign, but you've got to loose the bright blue border. It is very difficult to look at. If you expect to have folks spend any length of time on this chat board, you've got to make it easier on the eyes.

Also, you've got to tweak the post new thread buttons. They are still showing blue edges when the background they are sitting on are no longer blue.

Oh... even though I have the OS X Internet Explorer preview set to "always" update pages, I guess it was not smart enough to also update the images on these pages.

I'm generally a Netscape user, but I'm trying to use IE within OS X. I guess I just did not understand that "always" is not really always???

BTW, the spell check seems to duplicate every line break making them all double. Also it does not know how to deal with the underline vB code...
I would have never noticed this myself, I use the built in spell check in Omniweb. Its nice to have the spell check in the forum and I will probably use it when I'm away from my computer. Glad someone found the bug and reported it.
Originally posted by Admin
The site is nowhere near completed. :)

Wow! You must be doing this on the fly! Every time I reload it is a bit different.

(I see the blue border IS gone!)

Sorry that you're working so hard on a Sunday...
I have been visiting this site since the PB, and this has really gotten better.!

Thanks for making a great forum.

Any thoughts on what to do next?
We have a great group of people who visit and participate in the boards... and we are always looking at expanding what we have, as time permits.

Thanks for your feedback... we look forward to serving you in the future.