Nikon Capture 4 And Mac Osx 10.3.9


When I am installing Nikon Capture 4.3 (not the latest 4.3.1) to my G4 Powerbook with OSX 10.3.1 it pulls up and a message box comes up stating

-required software extensions missing. Click on OK to be transferred to PACE website where installer can be down loaded-

I cannot click on the highlited button and the process freezes up although it doesn't lock up my Powerbook totally.

I have searched you website and found someone with a similar problem but the answer does not help. How does hooking up my D2x to my computer and using iPhoto help? I'm a professional photographer and I don't use iPhoto. Why would it be trying to load os9? This didn't happen with Nikon Capture 3 and my current OSX.

Do I need to download something from Nikon to remidy this? Very frustrating indeed.

Thanks for your time and help.