NIS and OS X... problems right from the start


We've been trying to get NIS working on OS X PB for several days now, but without luck.

We've tried several different methods of checking for the connection, but still without luck.

So, to get the most basic link set up, we've started with defining our NIS domain name(not the actual server) through the 'domainname' command. After it sets that, we try to ypbind. However, every time we ypbind, we end up in a loop. We've got a ypservers file set up in /var/yp/binding (which is where the OS seems to want to find it), so that isn't an issue. And when you do a ypbind -d, it actually shows that it seems to be finding the servers, but the daemon never actually starts. The response we're getting is:

ypbind: returned from x.x.x.x about domain

It will repeat this forever if we let it.

So, at this point, I'm looking for suggestions on what we might try to get NIS up and running on our OS X machines.

Thanks much