NIS problems & 10.1


Welp, after a lot of head-banging with MacOSX 10.0, I had managed to get NIS working. But now after installing 5G64, it looks as if there will be another round of tinkering to get NIS to work.

If anyone out there has any successes, drop a note.

Welp, I've started configuring my system, after wiping the drive and starting over. After following the procedure documented on a website about add a MacOSX system to a NIS domain, I rebooted to see if it would take.

First thing I noticed, was that the /etc/hostconfig file was immediately altered. The HOSTNAME field, in which I entered the systems's hostname, was changed to be the same as the NISDOMAIN entry in the same file.. (?!?!?)..

Thats is just not right. I have to use "hostname -s <>" to reset it back. Just for fun, I check the /etc/hostconfig again, to see if it is still set to the NISDOMAIN. Nope, it is now set the way it was supposed to be. It appears as though the hostname command can now alter the /etc/hostconfig file..

Anyone with some suggestions?

I wonder what other landmines are in this new OS.

Woohoo! I got it working..

It appears that Apple has fleshed out more services on the BSD side. However, 5G64 is a little incomplete. They have forgotten to include a key setting (or two) in the /etc/hostconfig file.

For all concerned, please check out
Marcel has updated his site on the needed changed to get NIS working under MacOS X.1..

Good luck all!