NIS setup for OSX


Has anyone setup MacOSX to work with an NIS Server? We have an established NIS system that sends out Host info, User/Group account information, etc..

When following the documentation provided at:, the MacOSX workstation tends to hang..

If anyone has gotten NIS to work, let me know!

If you find out this would be a good posting. What I would be looking for is a scriptable setup, rather than going through the very slow NetInfo manager interface.

If there is a large number of MacOSX machine needed to be integrated into a NIS environment, some for of automation is needed.


The document on has been updated. There is a bug with the latest versions of MacOSX (10.0.0/10.0.1/10.0.2) and YP. It has to do with the /etc/group file that is sent from the YP server. The current fix is to use either a /etc/group flat file, or to use niload and load the group file into Netinfo. (yuck!)

(or, wait for apple to fix the bug..)