no 1600x1200 on a cinema display?


I noticed in the public beta the best res I could get with my cinema display was 1600x1024. I figured it was just a limitation of the beta. Now I've got the final and I'm still stuck at 1600x1024.

I have a g4/500 AGP (512 megs) with the stock ati rage pro. If anyone has a tip on how to maximize my display back to 1600x1200, I'll owe you big time.

btw- the osx system profiler seems to keep crashing on startup. anyone else have this problem?



I have a 15" studio display and noticed that I was not able to select 640 x 480 under X ( not that I want to just to see if I could). look under your display settings under the system preferences panel and make sure that "recomended settings" is unchecked. I was able to select 640 x 480 then. I'm not sure if this will help you, but it gave me more options for resolution.