no audio on flash, windows media, quicktime files or steaming audio


right now I am getting no audio on flash whenever I visit a website even though I get the video. When I try to open a windows media file i get a message that says THIS FILE MAY NOT PLAY CORRECTLY BECAUSE IT WAS COMPRESSED BY USING A CODEC THAT IS NOT SUPPORTED, then it will play with no audio. When I go to a website with a flash animation or game it will play with no audio. When I try to play a quicktime file I get it with no audio but there is no error on screen.

But things such as Itunes and trailers are still working.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled every media player I have but nothing, I am looking for any ideas that I could get because I am stumped.
starting up garage band fixed it so there is no need for this thread. I don't know how it worked but I am a happy man
Well, that did indeed solve me scurvy problem. But Apple be buggerin' the stern with this one.

Aye! It be TLaPD!