No colorpicker in 4F8?


Heya guys, thanks for help on the Superuser thing :)... I have 2 new ones now. After a completely clean install of 4F8, I have no access to the color picker. Whenever I try to bring it up (through Ircle, Finder view options, etc), I get an error message stating that it could not be found. But, I CAN bring up a color picker in (to color quote levels, etc). Also, my permissions are completely hosed... my standard account (set to administrator) has no rights to the Applications folder, and I cannot change the permis. to the Apps folder even as Root. Doh! Any ideas?
This is mostly off the topic, but I'm just wondering how on earth you upgraded to 4f8. Did you just buy a new version of the beta when it came out? And if so, wouldn't that add up rather quickly?
So am I correct in ascertaining from your post that anybody that's a registered developer with Apple is unwelcome in asking questions at Please tell me no, because this site is *excellent*, and I'd hate to have to look elsewhere for a good OS X-knowledgeable community.
I think that he actually meant that most of the people on this forum are NOT registered developers and as such do not have access to the newer builds. You are perfectly welcome to post on this site just don't expect everyone to be able to answer your questions about the newer builds. I'm an Online member and after I graduate from college I'll probably register as a developer. btw, doesn't Apple have a support system for the registered developers? You might be better off writing an e-mail to the ADC about your problems with the 4F8 build.

Sorry I can't help you w/ your 4F8 problems,
Yes, I understand that completely... I'm well aware that the majority of the users of this forum are simply Public Beta users, and even still many questions go unanswered... that's a given, and believe me, I accept that (I'm here asking questions because I, myself, do not have all of the answers :). But, I *am* in need of an answer, and since I like this site's forums, I choose to ask the question here. There are a lot of Mac OS X resources out there, and I like to use every one of them... especially :)
of course you're welcome to post here, but builds post 2E whatever it is aren't public releases, and by talking about them on a public site, you're probably violating your NDA. Talking about things that were shown at MacWorld are OK (customizable toolbars, new Apple menu etc.) but going into details of the system isn't.

Do it again and Steve himself will probably land his plane in the street outside your house, storm in & rip your mac's plug from the wall, grab all your install CDs and storm back to his secret headquarters!

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