No desktop picture and finder problem...


After setting up my computer with 9.2 and 10.1 (everything going smoothly) I decided to have sys pref start classic for me, and a few apps upon startup. I restarted and logged in, my iBook went though the entire process autorunning the terminal, sherlock and preview, and classic was booting up nicely. An error message from with classic popped up stating that I was missing some extensions or something for classic to run properly, and asked if I wanted to continue. I did so, and now I have lost my desktop pic and the finder is non-responsive.

Normally, if you are working in an app, i.e. mail, and you want the finder to menus to be displayed, you just click the desktop. If I do so, my iBook beeps, and nothing happens. The only way to give Finder the control is to select it in the dock. I figured something happened on my startup that the finder did not like, so I relaunched it using Comm+Shift+esc, but nothing changed. So I went a step further and shut down classic on, and chose not to autostart it at bootup, and then restarted the computer. Same problem still exists, and when I started classic to see what the errror said, the error did not repeat itself.

Any thoughts,