No developer CD, gcc, cc, make, bsdmake, gnumake with Quicksilver?!?!?!?


Just got a Quicksilver G4 running OSX 10.0.4 (build 4S10) ... and it didn't come with the Developer Tools CD (just 4 lame "Software Restore" disks and an OSX install disk).

The base system does not have make, gnumake, bsdmake, gcc, or cc.

Which means I cannot compile + install PHP, mySQL, FINK, BSD Ports, or anything else that is not an OSX package ...

WTF? I bought this machine to do Unix based web development ...

I'm upset about this + at my wit's end. Am I out of luck?

Thanks in advance for any help + advice.

Now I'm going to go boot up my old G3 and run Suse Linux to get some work done.

Thanks for the tip on the Apple developer's download.

To anyone who is interested, check out this site:

The guy who runs it has PHP, mySQL, Python, Ruby, and more set up as Mac OS X packages, along with easy to follow instructions. Most of the packages can be installed on your system with a double click here and there. I installed PHP, mySQL, Ruby, and Python in about 20 minutes (not counting download times).