No export option in AddressBook?!


I just noticed that the Address book in OS X does not have an export feature. And the Address book file in ~/libarary/address is not in plain text for me to be able to manipulate with it. Does anyone know how to export this address book?

ps. sorry for posting this in the wrong place the first time.
The fact that "Address Book" doesn't use ASCII text for data is the reason I don't use it. IMHO, all applications files on a computer should be either text or binary files, as interpreted by a human. If I can't read a data file as some form of text from an application, I generally don't like to use it.

Solution: Create your own "Address Book" in TextEdit. Just make one huge RTF file. Most word processors can read RTF format so all your formatting, i.e., bold, italics, etc... are not lost if you must transfer the data to another wordprocessor/text editor. Just use the "find" feature in TextEdit to find your "stuff". Making big BOLD letters will help you visually scan through the file. This works better for me instead of clicking buttons and adding data fields hither and thither. AND you can just add notes about whoever is in your "Address Book" as well as add pictures. What a concept.

the format that Address Book cards are stored in is a standard for address book-style applications (Virtual Card something or other). I think there's something about in this thread