No internet connection


My cable internet connection was extremely slow for several days (30-60 seconds for a simple page like Now it won't work at all. I open my browser and immediatly it says "server not found".

I have tried:

-Using different browsers (Firefox, IE, Camino, Safari, and Netscape - all latest versions except for maybe Camino)
-Unpluging the modem for approx. 30 seconds
-Verifying disk
-Repairing permissions
-Resetting PMU
-Resetting PRAM
-Creating a new user
-Pulling the preferences folder of my new user out onto the desktop
-Deleting all Firefox files (I installed some extensions and thought this might be the problem - although if they were not deleted w/ the firefox files, I have no idea where to find them)
-Running scripts that normally don't get run, because I shut my computer down at night (MacJanitor)
-"Tuning" my internet connection settings for broadband w/ Tiger Cache Cleaner
-Other stuff that I can't remember - hopefully I didn't mess something up by experimenting.

I am running - OS 10.2.8

Thanks for any advice!
filfoto said:
-Unpluging the modem for approx. 30 seconds

try uplugging it (i.e. turning the modem off completely) for about 10 minutes. your isp may cycle through/update the ip addresses it hands out to all of its customers and you may then end up with a better one.

hope this helps. good luck!