No Login Window


My MAC PowerBook G4 running 10.4.2 was running ok. I left for 1/2 hour and came back to a black screen. I power cycled and it comes up, I get a Starting Mac OS X window and then no Login window, just a blue screen. The cursor works.

I have corrected permissions.

Booting single user and examined the logs.
In system.log I see:
Login Window Application Started.
loginwindow[75]: Login Window Started Security Agent
In secure.log
there are many repeated:
User Authenticated: contineu login process
Atuologin user authenticated.
authinternal failed to authenticate user ubell.

Any ideas?
Hi ubell,

I have very nearly the same problem:

- same stuff in system.log
- different stuff in secure.log that looks OK

I powered down a known good 10.4.3 system, plugged in a new IDE drive as a slave, powered up and got a blank screen.

Booting into "safe mode" was fine. Checked permissions and verified disk. All OK.

Logged in from another Mac over ssh and everything on the "inside" is just fine - except for the LoginWindow problems.

Is there a way to restart the LoginWindow process from the terminal?

Did you solve the problem, ubell..?