No Longer Can See Raw Photos (nef) Just Jpg


Okay, so what am I missing? In PHOTOS, I see the low res JPG after import. I have shot (NIKON D50) both RAW+JPG). In the photos it appears there is a little icon that has a more than one thing that that photo represents. I "used" to hook up the camera, import, and both would appear (I'm running El Capitan and I haven't changed anything). I had to open the icon for the NIKON, click on the folder, click on that fold, and I SEE there are two files. One is the NEF and one is the jpg. Great. I dragged the NEF over and I get "this file already exists." Okay. Where? How do I see it? So, I went ahead and said, "sure, replace" and the photo (after, what six steps)?, is in the photos now ... as RAW but ... yes ... Why? What has happened? Is this another improvement? I may have to keep my 2002 Quicksilver that's in the basement just to use my equipment that is over than 12 months.

Seriously? I tried searching "RAW IMAGES no longer APPEAR" "NEF Not in PHOTOS" and there are all these posts about people wanting to hide them. I want to see them. And if I hover over the little rectangle I get "RAW+JPEG: JPEG Is the Original." Why is the JPEG the original? Where is the RAW? Why can't I see it now. Because it's 2018?

PS Contrary to most "help" when I attempt to find any:
1. Not shooting with an iPhone.
2. Not saving in the iCloud.
3. Just want to import from the camera to Photos and see the RAW photos like in the "olden days" (last August) :)

Thanks in advance.


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You are using Photos? [apple’s app version 1.5 (370.42.0) Digital Camera RAW 6.21 (879)] ?

Have you noticed that Photos (use to be iPhoto) is more about sharing and uploading to iCloud than for working on the image?
Yes, I have noticed that. All part of the dumbing down of all things Apple. iMovie now is a disaster with it's swiping endlessly and loss of some good editing features ... but I digress. I spent about 2 hrs yesterday and did finally find the answer btw.

The image I attached in this thread actually does show there is a JPG and the RAW. To get to the RAW, you go up to the EDIT, then over to PHOTOS IMAGE and choose "RAW as Original" and it will swap the photo. in IPhoto they are next to one another. Just another upgrade.

I wanted the RAW because I wanted to work on a high quality of a shot I took of my husband and an old friend, and the basic JPG, a perfect setting for plates of food, cats playing and selfies at the grocery store, wasn't good enough for some of the things I wanted to do. And, actually, the settings in adjustments offers histogram, noise reduction, light, casting ... actually all I needed. And a better quality photo to begin with. But, alas, I didn't feel like launching PHOTOSHOP and since iPhoto "used" to (the operative word) show both at the same time, I didn't know I was going to fall down a rabbit hole/time suck.

Version 1.5 (370.42.0)
Digital Camera RAW 6.21 (879)
Digital Camera RAW Support 6210 (256)