No menu/button sounds in OS X


Am I just being stupid or is there supposed to be any menu/button sounds when using OS X, I have booted to 9.1 and there are still no sounds?. I have upgraded from using mac os 8.6 and used to get sounds when clicking on buttons e.t.c

I run an iMac 266 288meg ram


I'm not at my computer at the moment so I don't know if this will work, I'll try it when I get home. You can try searching for a folder called sound sets inyour OS X library or system folder and dragging a sound set from 9 into it. I have been meaning to try this but I have been to busy with projects for college. If it works let us know.

PS: in 9 you have to turn on the soundset in the appearance control panel and I have not seen any option for soundsets in X, but we might be able to enable them with the defaults write command in the terminal.

Good luck,


I have tried your suggestion, there is a folder in OS X :
Tried copying varios sound sets from OS 9 and still not recognising them
I am still quite new to the CLI and not sure what to try next.
Thanks for your quick reply.
I am looking at getting a G4 soon once I have left the wife! - REALLY!