No modem sound when dialing/connecting


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I have an iMac DV 400Mhz, and have just put os X on and have updated to 10.0.4 but when i dial my isp there is no sound, i have search the control panels and from what i can see all is well. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Hopefuly 10.1 will fix this (cause it works fine in 9.1), i should be getting it soon
You are correct on finding a pretty obvious flaw in 10.0.x versions. No one has the sound. We are hoping 10.1 fixes this. It is kind of nice to have a sound if you want.
The sound on my modem on 10.1 works fine now im am now using 10.1.2 and that is fine too. Have you checked the modem control panel, is your modem internal...

my mac is

iMac 400Mhz Indigo

works fine for me!
I've an iBook 500 DVD with internal 56k modem. I've of course checked "modem sound" in modem control panel, but I get no sound yet during number dialing. My operating system is localized in italian, but I'm not sure if this is relevant.
I distinctly remember beta testing AOL that I used to have the modem sound, and now I don't. I want the sound. I used to have control. My mom's iMac using the same release AOL now has sound as requested. My G3/233 notebook is eerily silent.

But I've only noticed it with AOL. Since AOL's methods are a little different than everyone else's I was just wondering if there was a reasonable way to determine if this problem wos on certain machines, and/or specific to AOL.