No more Classic?


I've just got my first mac (powerbook) and I love it. OSX is so much more stable than windows (and os 9 - I was showing off my nice shiny powerbook to my friends and the first thing OS9 did was crash :( ). I have been using X almost exclusively since - is there any way I can remove Classic altogether (Its not very stable, slow and I try not to use it).

There is a reason I have waited until now to get a mac (I don't want to start a flame war but I can't stand OS 9). If I'm browsing in IE stuffit sometimes starts in classic when I decompress something - so now I use omniweb :).

Also, does any one know when virtual pc will be released for X, and whether PC development tools will work on it.



There's a few ways to ditch Classic. If you still want to be able to reboot into OS 9, just rename the file Classic Startup in /System/Library/CoreServices. Or, if you want to ditch 9 altogether, either use the Terminal and delete the OS 9 files (System Folder, Trash, and all those other stupid invisible files) or reformat the HD and install X by itself.

Virtual PC wont be here until at lease MWSF (just a guess). I'm holding off on buying it until they do, so they better have at lease a demo at MWNY.
I would have to agree about OS 9. While the classic Mac OS definitely has a good interface, its innards left a little something to be desired. But now we have UNIX, and I can taunt Windows users for many new reasons. :)
Although OS 9 is not stable than OS X, but that is the programming technique. When I am using Adobe products, the system never crash, but when using realplay, IE and Netscape, every day, my computer have to restart more than 5 times.

OS X is stable. Now I am familar with it. I get used to it now. But I think the tech of PREEMTIVE MULTITASKING in OS X has bug or Algorithem problem. It takes a long time too switch from one program to another. I think the event manager also get problems. The responding time is too long. I always see the wheeling circle. And the system doesn't automatically end task when the program is dead and we want to logout. Sometimes the system doesn't die but the wheeling mouse. We can't do anything except reset my computer. of course it is not very common.

I also think that the interface of OS 9 is better than OS X although others say that OS X is sexy. OS 9 is more convenient to use.

OS X is not for PC but Networking I thinkB
The only thing that'll make me get rid of Classic is OS X versions of BB Edit and PhotoShop. And BB Edit is already out.. Next, it's Adobe's turn.

I LOVE OS 9, I also love OS 8.. and 7 and 6.. In fact, I love ALL Mac OS versions. But OS X is out now. So it's time to move on. I mean, the whole reason for Classic is Adobe. People use Photoshop all the time. And if there's no X version, people won't go to X. So viola! Classic is born.. But I'll love to be running a Mac with X only. No classic to worry about.

Classic has way too many problems that I've noticed. It gets corrupted too fast. Apps launch.. then they quit. No error message.. The app never even pops up. So killing Classic will be a plus for me. I can live in X forever.. without going to 9. But until I buy BB Edit and the carbonized version of PS (When Adobe gets off their lazy ass and releases it.) I'm stuck with Classic.

Oh, wait.. And I also need a OS X DVD player. But that's coming soon anyway.. (Hopefully :rolleyes: )
So far, I haven't had problems with Photoshop 5 LE in Classic for occasional use, and since I highly doubt Adobe will Carbonize an older product, it's either that or the Gimp. I don't feel like paying more than $400 for a graphic editor; even $99 was pushing it. Oh well; Graphic Converter is taking over the very basic editing tasks quite well.