No Networking? :-(


Well, So far I love X. But I do have a few problems.
1) I have a cable modem and I did a manual Network Setup. I have entered in all the info correctly (actually did 3 installs) and I can not get on. Even if I ping the Mac from another putter on the network..nuthin :-(
Help please.

2) Next, hehe I also have OS9 on another drive I cant select it in the Classic control panel. What gives... Its just grey but definatly there..... HELP

hehe..well I would love to get this thing on the net ....oh yea....maybe be able to use my apps from OS9

Hope someone can help and thnks. :)

oh... putter specs are:
g3/400 256mb 9.2 SCSI (ID1 OS9) 9.2 SCSI (ID2 OS 10)
and some more :)
Well, I got networking running. Very strange, I had this a machine at work and I had changed the ip info in OS9.

I Started OS9 just to see if it would work and relized those settings. Swithed them to my @home info and it worked fine :) Then I restarted OSX and bam.... no problem... I dont know why that would do it, but it did. hehe

I still cant get MY OS9 selected in the classic preffrences..Within OSX and yes I did unlock the control panel :) So, someone please help me ... thnx
From what I gathered from reading the Docs and built-in help files that the PPP Connect is going to be much improved. Atleast to the point that it works like OS 9. When they say you go from running a network to a dial-up conenction you have to restart which they say is not going to be the way it is in the final version.