No New hardware at Paris Expo...


Hey, Look!
If anyone was hoping for new hardware at Paris expo I don't mean to be a killjoy but in a recent press release by steve Jobs, he said that apple has no plans to release any new hardware at Paris Expo...

He also said that his keynote will mainly be about 10.1, so 10.1 will probably be released around Paris Expo.
I was hoping they where to appear soon, since I get mine on 6 month payment deferment, then sell it after 6 months and upgrade!! I don't wanna buy the same machine again goddammit!

They're trying to avoid a repeat of MWNY, because rumors sites are sure to 'predict' that anything they predicted would be released there that wasn't was held over till Paris.
Big deal... Apple has had an amazing year for hardware and they just released new G4s. If somebody mentions a flatscreen iMac again I will kick their ass.
I believe Apple is pulling a "Clinton." It depends how you define "new" hardware. This just means that they won't be adding any new products to their line. It doesn't mean that they won't introduce "updated" hardware. So don't bring your hopes down about an updated TiBook yet.
Couldn't a flat screen iMac be seen as an 'Update'?

i geuss so, i don't kno. It would be a new piece of hardware, but it could be categorized as a revision to an old piece.
Anything can be seen as an update if you're determined enough; quad-ghz g4s, glowing keyboards, antigravity powerbooks...

I think it's safe to say that Apple will be releasing 10.1 there and very little else. They need to get the word out that whatever ppl have heard about X being slow no longer necc. holds true.
What they need are price cuts. Dell does this everyday, so the least Apple can do is cut prices every 30-60 days.