No Sound in OS X


When I enter OS X, I have NO SOUND. However, sound returns if I boot into OS 9. Any suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

Also, my printer doesn't work, Mail doesn't work (Outlook Express does though) and iMovie2 is choppy and digitized. Everything is perfect in OS 9.

Is it possible to get a refund for OS X???
Could you both give some info as to what systems you have installed OS X on?
There is a known problem with one of the audio drivers on older macs with G3 upgrade cards. There is an easy fix for this.
Other known sound problems include the fact that sound in classic is somehow inhibited by OS X sound apps. iMac owners have reported sporadic problems, some of which have reportedly been solved by inserting and removing a headphone plug into the jack on the front. (Why this might work is beyond me...)
Finally, some poeple have noted that unsupported external hardware (and maybe even PCI card?) that can interfere with the proper loading of the audio drivers.

So: Please reply back with all the details you can remember about your system.
If you have external hardware that doesn't work, remove it. And if your mac is upgraded, search around for the fix (or post back and I'll dig up the link.)


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Locus --
I'm not quite sure what you mean. Sound works fine in my OS X on a beige G3. What system are you running that has no sound?

Rhino --
If the only mod you've made to your system is indeed the extra ram, you've got an interesting problem.
(You sure you've got no 3rd party USB devices or other peripherals?)
You would be wise to search the OS X forums (at macnn, macosxhints, macfixit, etc) for mention of a similar problem.

If you are familiar with the terminal, you could check to see if the sound driver is properly loaded by running kmodstat as root. (This is a tool I just learned about. It tells you the IO drivers that have been loaded as kernel level extentions (is that the right term?). If any are labeled as "unknown" or similar, then you've got a problem.)

Otherwise, just try reinstalling X and see if that fixes things. Strangely enough, this works a lot of the time.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Originally posted by kvarnbrink
Is it a bug or a feature if sound won\\\'t work in Classic? All Classic apps I\\\'ve tried so far are sort of silent.

my guess is lack of available RAM. I have an imac dv 400 with 128...sounds in classic were kinda wacked, they would get chopped at the beginning or end, or would be delayed, or wouldn\'t play (i noticed most of this in word)...i upgraded my systems a month ago and put another 128 in my imac and it all works great.