No sound on doom 3


all my sound on my dual 2.5 G5 goes through an external sound card attached to a pci card in the back of the computer, the sound card is made by MOTU
( - for more info is a 2408 mk3) but the sound on the game does not work with it and there seems to be no reason for this?

Any help would be cool
I dont know enough about OSX or macs in general but on a PC in windows, when there is more than one device, you go into system preferences and set which device you choose as your preferred playback device...meaning that both onboard and external soundcards will not be working at the same time. Maybe its the same thing here....
Is it possible in OSX to disable the built in sound and leave only the add-in card as the one working? Maybe that would fix it.
Hi guys thanx for the help but have tried everything u have said the external soundcard is set in the core audio and audio set up prefs so that everything goes through it, had sort of the same prob with quake 3 on the sound card only way i could get that to work was to disable all the outputs except the main 2, but tried that on doom 3 and dont work.
anyway thanx, i'll keep trying to figure something out

:( Sorry to hear its still not working. Its frustrating. I myself had purchased a nice soundcard (M-Audio 2496) for my PC and I would have been angry if it caused probs with some of my fav. games like Doom3, HL2 and Farcry. Well I lost of my car games due to excessive crackling but I'll live with that.

Anyway if you do get it working, let us know :)
There's a known issue with certain (if not all) 3rd party audio devices and Doom 3. Aspyr may have the issue resolved in the next patch, which I hear is currently in approvals (waiting on id software).