no way to have a working wired Network connection



I received a PowerBook G4 with OS 10.5.8 from my mother, and I wish to connect it to Internet at the office.
The problem is there is no wifi at the office... so I have to pass by a wired connection.

But... the right connectors tell me that there is no cable connected (even if so...). So, I deduced that it was not working.

Therefore I ordered a D-link adapter (DFE-690TXD). I tested on the windows laptop of a friend, and it works.

So I installed the drivers providen on the CDROM (that you can also find here ; but each time I activate the card, I do have a message telling to shutdown the computer (
Note that these drivers seems to work for Mac os 10.3.X or 10.2.X

I tried the latest drivers from Dlink ( but it said that the "classic interface is not maintained" (??)

I read that there is cumbersome approach to fix this problem... maybe someone could help me ?
The other option is maybe to downgrade to OS 10.3.x ? but I have no cd.

Kind regards