no write priviledges on nfs share



I successfully mounted a linux share on my Mac OS X box using NFSManager. I created "Static Mount" point at /mnt/tmp and mounted a world writeable directory /tmp.

I can write to /mnt/tmp on the OS X box fine if I use the terminal application.

But when I try to drag a file into /mnt/tmp using the File Browser or by saving from an OS X native application I get "you don't have sufficient priviledges" error.

why am I able to write to it using the unix applications (eg vi) but not OS X applications (Finder or BBEdit 6.1)

The /etc/exports file on the linux box has the options set at (rw).

The permissions of /tmp on the linux box are: drwxrwxrwt

The permissions of the /mnt/tmp directory on the Mac OS X box are: drwxrwxrwt

anyone know why this is happening?

I can just copy any files I want using the unix shell, but I'd rather save directly from the applications, if possible.