non-usb printing under os x?


hey folks, i've got a personal laserwriter and an epson stylus 740c hooked up to my beige g3 300mhz minitower. maybe i'm just dumb as a box of hair, but i can't figure out for the life of me how to access either of these printers under X. does anyone have any insight on using non-usb printers with os x, is it even possible?


300 mhz beige g3
384 megs ram
60 gig hard drive
various peripherals
Since MacOS X is a UNIX clone it should be able to use network printers via DHCP and a hardware router (such as SMC Barricade). It works with Linux (which I'm still using now) and I hope it will work with MacOS X (which I will use starting next week;-)...