None of My Browsers Work


Neither Firefox, nor Safari, nor IE can be loaded, they just bounce for a while, and eventually I get that spinning beachball. Following up on what I found here, I checked Java, seems OK, repaired disk, OK, repaired disc permissions, and it found a lot to do, but it completed. Tried to empty trash, could not, got error code 36 "some data in Firefox could not be read or written" I can run Pages, Photoshop, even Skype, and the weather widget goes online to update, but no browsers... I am reduced to Windows to ask...any ideas ?

Running OS10.3.9 on a Powerbook G4 with of ram

Jay Conner
Hi Jay and welcome to the forum.
Setup a new useraccount and check if you have the same problems when using the new account. Let us know so we can discuss further steps.