Norton Antivirus probs

Mac @ttack

Hello all,
Im new to the world of mac so please bare with me ;-)

I own a PowerBook 12" which came with Norton Internet security. Having got myself up and running on the internet I thought it wise to install Norton. Big mistake! At start up its saying that the antivirus needs to be re-installed (have done so many times :-( ) and something about Internet security isant right either. I've run live update and still no better. So, I would like to remove
the norton software from my mac...How do i do this? I looked for an unistaller but cant find one. Do i just drag the norton folder into the trash bin?

Your help is much appreciated.
Many thanks.

Thanks for helping me out and please forgive my ignorance.
I'm new to the world of Mac and i'm enjoying the change.

Just want to say "Thanks" to bobw too. :)

I'm probably going to have to uninstall Norton soon, and I'm not looking forward to it! Fingers crossed it won't bugger everything up...