Not connecting in one account


On my daughter's iMac (non-Intel), it suddenly is unable to connect to the internet through her web browsers (Firefox, Safari). We have DSL and she connects to the modem by wireless.

The odd thing is that I can connect on her machine from the administrative account, no problems. She also is able to connect on MSN.

She has Leopard, latest update. She just downloaded LimeWire and installed it, and this happened soon after. She had not actually used LimeWire. I have read that there could be a firewall issue. I checked her firewall on her computer and it seems to be open. I checked my DSL service online and it also has no blocks, and its diagnostic tool says the connection is fine.

I have trashed all the LimeWire files I can find, and I think I've located all the preference files as well and trashed those. But I don't know what could be hidden or under another name.

I do not think my ISP will be able to help me on this issue so I don't know where to turn. I'm hoping to avoid a clean install. What else can I try?