Notes going carbonized?

Well, considering they just recently made Domino's HTTP task compatible with Windows 2000 with release 5.0.4, I would say not for a long ass time. I took them what...2 years to get Domino working on a far more mainstream OS than the MacOS, which doesn't bode well for a timely release.

Bleh, Notes sucks anyway.
Notes is a weird application - believe me I use it every day at work. In some ways it is quite the legacy application, but in others (databases of documents not to mention all the cool things you can past in an email memo) it does thing no application (or even the web) can. I just can't decide if I love it or hate it. Maybe a fresh new interface will help me decide, but the screen shots I saw yesterday (I cannot remember where!) look like the same old thing with aqua-esque icons.