Notifications vanish all at once. How do I get them back?


If you have four or five notifications, maybe calender, news, update, whatever... and you accidentally swipe the phone, or touch it wrong, or you intentionally read one, how do you go back to look at the others? Had this happen again this morning. They vanished so quickly I can't tell you where there were from (Google? Apple News? Calendar?) Do I need to set persistent so I can see them all at my convenience? Or what? What happens now is one or two or four, etc., will be on the phone when I open it. I assume I have it set to read one, go back, read the next, etc. (Often it is just a short blurb that I see ...) but they all vanish if I look at one. Any help with the clues would be appreciated. Thanks. Gary
Those notifications are still there. Swipe down on the phone screen. You should see them.

When the first notification comes through on your phone, it stays just for a few seconds. When you open the phone and swipe down fro the top of the screen, you will see them for a longer period of time and you should have the option to clear them.
That makes sense in theory. I swipe down and see "SIRI" suggestions and recent apps I have used. I'll try it the next time I get any notifications. Interestingly, I went into the notifications and played around with the choices, so which aren't intuitive Notification Grouping (apps or automatic?ah, okay), and I'm going to see what shows up. Coincidentally, just this moment, my phone gave me a tone (since there are dozens I don't recall what I may have chosen for what) and I have no banner, no badge, no anything that changed. So, whatever that was, I don't have a clue. Unless it was something on an app that says "notify quietly" ...

Is there a way to reset the notification to default aka obnoxious, where everything of any kind dings and pings and slides in? Then, I could possibly start over to see what combinations work. Right now I have temp/persistent banners off for everything except things that are critical (like weather warnings or credit card charges), and calendar reminders (today I have an appt at 1:15 and I assume that was the ding ding but nothing slid in though it's set to. So I clearly don't have the precise combo of banner, temp/persistent, notification open/closed/on/off set now.

Update: And while I was typing this all the notifications showed up, the screen closed,they disappeared, I swiped up and they were there.
Awesome. :cool:
System Preferences (the gear icon) has a notification section. That's where you can change the way you get notified by your apps. The list is long.