Novell vs Tiger (help!)


I am a newbie with the Mac and with networking. I have a powerbook (running tiger) which I am trying to connect to a Novell network and nothing I have found so far has helped. I recently talked to the guys at Prosoft and they said their client does not currently work on Tiger.

Our sys admin guys are somewhat willing (when time allows) but have no mac experience.

Can anyone walk me through connecting to a Novell network step-by-step?
Check Novell's site for a Netware client for Mac OS X. They usually provide all the software and necesary protocols for connecting to a Netware network.

It's possible that Prosoft's software isn't "Tiger-ready" yet. It might work with Panther and below.
Hello Cucsam,
I just want to let you know we have released the Tiger comaptible version of the Prosoft Client. You may download from our website at
For additional information regarding this you may contact our inside sales group at 1-877-477-6763

If your net admin has enabled Native File Access on the Netware box, then no special client is needed, just do a Go To Server, and enter afp://ipaddress and you should be good to go. Native File Access is included with Netware 6.5 and setup by the admin is good reason why s/he can't enable it.