Now Powerbook Drive Won't Mount


This is so stupid...Anyway, the other day
I pulled an old 40-gig Seagate out of a drawer
where it had been sitting for three years. It
was an OS 9.1 drive. I thought I would format
it to use as a second firewire disc. SoI
put it in an enclosure and tried to get it to mount on my 867 mhz 15" Titanium Powerbook.
The Powerbook is running Tiger. The Seagate
wouldn't mount. I have the Norton Utilities program that came out maybe two years ago that has software for both 9.1 and Jaguar. It doesn't work for Tiger. So I decided to launch my Powerbook in 9.1, which I haven't done in a couple of years, and then use the Norton 9.1 in hopes of mounting and formatting the 40 gig Seagate. Well, the
Seagate never mounted. But somhow the Norton software managed to rename the Powerbook Fujitsu internal drive as the Seagate drive I was trying to fix. So I used the Norton disc utility to repair the various faults in
what I thought was the Seagate drive. But
what I really was doing was running the utility on my Powerbook Tiger drive. At one point the
software said I had successfully rebuilt the
drive. However, it now won't mount at all.
I do have a separate, 100 gig Seagate external drive with Tiger on it and I now use that
to fire up the Powerbook. But I can't see my Powerbook internal drive anymore. I would like to
recover the Powerbook Fujitsu and when I used
the Tiger disc repair utility it indeed could see the Powerbook hard drive, but couldn't repair it. I downloaded the Data Rescue X
utility and that could also see the Powerbook
internal drive and the files on it. But
it would cost $90 to buy Data Rescue to
recover the drive. I would do that as a last
resort but I would like to see if there
is a cheaper way of fixing the thing. Again,
what I did was run the Norton disc utility
designed for OS 9.1 to "fix" a perfectly
good Tiger internal drive. And the Tiger
drive now won't mount as a result.