Now UpToDateContact504 Tiger problems


Is anyone else having difficulty with Now UpToDateContact 5.04 on Tiger?

I had 5.0 later /currently 5.02 installed and runninng fine on both a G4 10.3.4 and iMacG4 10.4.2 installation.

When I tried to update both to 5.04 the apps Contact & UpToDate either will not launch or QUIT sometime later usually in short time. I also can not switch to Contact from within UpToDate (Contact launches but immediately quits). Using the Menubar QuickDay or QuickContact often will not launch the respective apps.

Going back to 5.02 on both machines fixes it and they work just fine.

I just installed Tiger on the QuickSilver G4 tower Mac upgrading from 10.3.4 and on trying to install Now UpToDate/Contact 5.04 have the same problems as on the iMac running Tiger.

Am I overlooking something? Any comments suggestions appreciated.

I don’t seem to find anyone else mentioning this problem in the newsgroups on Netnews either.

QuickSilver G4 933 has 1GB RAM
iMacG4 has just 256KB.
ALL other apps running fine.

Guess I go back to 5.02 till I figure it out.