NSMovieView never !isPlaying


(if I post this in enough forums, I got to get a good answer eventually, right? :))

Okay, so I created this nice NSMovieView object that I can play NSMovies in. aiff and mp3 files are coming out great. I didn't add it into any contentViews cause I wanted to control it entirely programatically. So, I wanted my NSMovieView to start playing another song after it gone done with whatever it is playing now. To check that, I probably should just call isPlaying(). Hmm... the only thing is, it always returns true unless I manually call stop off of my NSMovieObject. The song will be done playing, I'll keep checking if my NSMovieView object is !isPlaying(), but it always returns true! So, how do I know when my NSMovieView object is done playing it's current movie? Is there a way?