cocoa love
okay NSString is typically a name right? Like i remember in ResEdit, that the "string" resourse or somthin like that was where are the main stuff was that showed on the screen. yknow if like i had a star wars game, one of the "string" resourse would say "oh chewie shut up", well now in Mac OS X i know how to define the string by:

NSString *theString

(in the instance variable declaration part of the header file) but if i want a string to say somthing, like "oh chewie shut up" how would i define what "theString" means...?????? All feedback is welcome, appreciated, and thankful. Thanks

NSString * theString = @"oh chewie shut up";

the @ is a compiler directive telling it to alloc/init a static NSString object.
Omg it worked, thank you so much endian, i have been working and working on a single project and now i can finally get it out to the public in a few days. You can have it for free though since you helped me.

-whitesaint :)