Numerous problems...


OK, please bear with me, but there seems to be a growing list of problems I'm having with my Mac, all of which have appeared within the last few months. They are as follows...

* I get no audio when running MSN Messenger or Microsoft Entourage (e.g: no alerts when I get a new message)

* There is no audio when I open .mpg files, either from my hard drive or from a web page.

* Within the last few days, my iTunes interface has lost it's "brushed steel" look and is now just white.

* When trying to set my screensaver to show images from a folder, the System Preferences says there are no images in the folder, despite the fact there blatantly is!

The audio issues are nothing to do with my speakers cos my iTunes works fine.

I'm using a G5 iMac 1.8 GHz running OS 10.3.9

Someone PLEASE help cos this is really bugging me!