I'm sorry to post a message for the few I have to ask :

the X.1 compatible (the last one, so) Project Builder is Objective-C++ supporting. Does it means (I cannot try it for the moment) that Cocoa is compatible with C++ and its Std Libraries ? Does it mean I can give my few C++ ANSI applications a GUI ?
One question more : does it mean that I can get, set or use objects properties or methods by a different way than [obj mth:args] using obj->mth(args) ?
Because to be honest : the Objective-C is not (on my opinion) trasparent, its syntax doesn't speak to me.

Thank you to tell me what Objective-C++ means,
that the compiler is objective-c++ compatible means that it will allow a mix of objective-c (which is a superset och standard C) and C++ (which is another superset of standard C). This is as far as I know the only compiler to do this.

Yes it means that you can program Cocoa-programs in C++, with a few tweaks, since you have to have some obj-c for it to work. I have not really tried this myself but I assume that you can call a method/send a message on/to an object in both obj-c and c++ style.

obj-c is a strange language, I think that it might be cool if one gets to know it (I haven't) but I don't know. Java has a better an easier syntax, all the [] just confuses me...