Obviously Nothing New.. But Need To Install Os X Lion

james t hodgis

Hey guys, I've been googling like mad but I can't get a clear answer. My macbook air is not booting and neither is the recovery option... I get the "connect to the internet option" but it won't connect with the correct credentials... yups ... true story!! So I don't have the original usb that came with the macbook air, so where can I get the version of lion that came with it? No I don't want mavericks... worst update ever. plz can you guys point me in the right direction. tnx in advance. Simon


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
If you are talking about 10.7 lion, then you will need to purchase it. Apple still has it available here.

When you try the recovery option, are you connected to the internet via ethernet cable? The wireless may not work because it is part of the OS X system that is not being cooperative for you.