odd DIY CD problem


every time I put in a DIY CD that doesn't have iTunes or CDDB titles on it , the CD name and song titles that come up are from some other older DIY CD, both in iTunes and Finder.
Not necessarily the same title in both and not necessarily the same title every disc.
I'd be happy just to have tracks named Audio 1 - xx.

If the disc has iTunes or CDDB names then those names show up in both Finder and iTunes.

Anyone understand what I'm saying and can tell me how to defeat this?

I've tried dumping Quicktime prefs, Finder prefs............


Can't help you there. I'm trying to figure out how to NAME the song titles vs. Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 from MAC to MAC. Or even title the CD!?!?! No matter what I do, when I take it from Computer 1 to computer 2 I get "Audio CD" as the name and "Track 1,2,3" as the titles. These are DIY CD and songs not something purchased or copied. Original. Songs. With. Titles. Any suggestions?


iMovie Professional
Verify "Automatically retrieve song names... " is checked.

This will only name cds that are in the database.