Odd Issues With Ios8 & Itunes Match


I've got an iPhone 5 and the latest iOS.

What I'm seeing is that iCloud download icons next to songs are now the loading spinner even though they are not downloading.

Also, I have data turned off for iTunes and when I played my music, it'd just ignore any songs not on the iPhone. Now it tries to play them for a few seconds then decides it can't and then goes to the next song or crashes Music.

Both issues are new since iOS8.

It seems like it could also be related to changing carriers but I wouldn't think that'd cause an issue.

You do need data turned on so it can get the files from iCloud. It is having a tantrum and crashing because it doesn’t have the files.

OR - make sure the music is on your phone and turn off iCloud. Then you can turn off data.
I understand that, but for years I never had this problem. It simply ignored music in the cloud. It was graceful and worked perfectly. No tantrums. Now all of a sudden it's freaking out. :(