Odd PPP connection issue


Official Bartender
Trying to troubleshoot my Mum's new flat-screen iMac before she sells it and buys a PC.

has anyone else noticed an intermittent bug which will let you check mail, but not connect to websites? She's definitely got a connection, as I can ping servers etc, but when this bug occurs no browser will find any site.

I think it's an ISP issue as I have only been able to make it happen with 1 ISP, but it's intermittent so that doesn't prove much

cheers guys


Try putting in a couple of other DNS servers than the ISP you are using. That might be the problem, since you are able to check the mail. (which I assume is your local ISP mailbox)


I had the same problem. It was very weird. I could connect to the internet and my classic apps would recognize te connection but not my carbon/cocoa apps. For a while I was sure it was my Mac's fault but I was assured by Apple it was my ISP's fault. Getting no real help from Apple or my ISP, I deleted the first IP address in the DNS box. Everything works fine now.