Odd problem in Entourage v11.1.0


I am having an odd issue which I cannot seem to get my head around.

I have my preview pane selected to be on the right of the screen.

I have also created sub-folders for the INBOX and SENT folders. These are intended so I can move project related files to them automatically.

When I view the INBOX and its sub-folders I can see in the emails list that the emails are ordered correctly in date received order and show the FROM party.

When I view the SENT box things are till ok BUT when I view the sub-folders under SENT, the emails are ordered correctly but show the SENDER (ME) instead of the RECIPIENT (TO).

So I moved the preview pane to the bottom and could then see why .. or so I thought. The TO column was not there so I added it and removed the FROM column as this was not required in the SENT folder.

But when I move the preview pane back to the right it still does not show the RECIPIENT or TO element.

Also the COLUMN option in the VIEW menu is grayed out.

Any ideas ??