Odd Tiny Tiger Bug


I was trying to copy an old archive .pkg file of a Wacom tablet driver from my local drive to a USB RAM key. It said, "One or more items cannot be copied. Do you want to skip them and copy the remaining items?"

I chose to skip and continue, but in the end it copied nothing.

I thought it was a permissions thing, so I changed all the permissions to full read/write. No luck.

I dug into the "Show Package Contents" and fixed all permission there. No luck.

I started moving individual package contents and most of them moved over until I came across an alias. That turned out to be the problem.

I deleted the alias and got the whole package to move. Just thought I'd throw this out there in case anybody comes across it.
'Tiger' 10.4 does not have bugs, it has 'features'. Some 'features' were actually resolved in the first OS update, while other 'features' were introduced. 10.4.2 continued the NExT (oppps, Apple) tradition.

You simply need to first 'zip' any Mac formatted file(s) before copying them to a Windoze format USB storage device.

Do a right button click (<control> key - click, if you have a single button mouse) on the file to zip, then select 'Create Archive of "x"', where 'x' is the name of the file to format. If you select multiple items, a file titled 'archive.zip' will be created.

Any form of Macintosh 'package' should be zipped first, before copying to a Windoze format storage device.
To determine if an item(s) is a / are 'package'(s), in 'Finder' locate and open the window containing the file(s), and select the 'View, by Name' menu item. If you see '--', under the 'Size' column, for the file(s) of interest - it / they are 'package'(s).