OFF TOPIC: Using Two Airport Hubs as a Bridge?


Although this does not quite pertain to MacOS X - it is an Apple issue (sortof)

I have an Apple Airport hub that is serving my Mac, and two Windows machines (one with a WaveLAN card, and one with an Aironet card). I also have some other machines that for various reasons (mainly OS support), I cannot make wireless. These are servers that I would like to keep on all the time.

Now my problem is this - my incoming internet connection (cable modem) comes in the living room - which is where I have my current stack of Cable Modem --> DSL Router --> Airport hub with very short cables between them. Unfortunatley, the wired machines also have to be kept in the living room near the networking equipment. For aesthetic reasons, and for reasons of noise, I would actually like to move all my servers into a 'server room' (a little-used utility closet) at the other end of the apartment. I don't like cables snaking through the house - the whole point of going wireless in the first place.

Is there a way I can use another Airport hub, or any other wireless (802.11) hub such as those from 3COM, Lucent, Linksys etc., to set up as cascaded hubs? - like I have done in the past with wired hubs (usually wired hubs have an extra port, or a switch, for cascading them) so I can have

Cable Modem <--> Airport Hub <-----------------------> Airport Hub <--> Wired Hub <--> Wired machines