Office for Mac


Did you have experience with Office for Mac ? It's Windows equivalent ?
target is to exchange Office documents with Windows environments so I want to be sure to have the same problems like OpenOffice/LibreOffice.
I have MS Office 16, and have had no problem transferring files to Windows PCs. I also have Libre Office, and never had a problem with it either. What problems have you had?
file exchange among office and Libre Office gives problem about text formatting, that is problem is when you import open document into office and the other way around
Office documents themselves should not be an issue.

Issues will be encountered when trying to share Outlook messages, especially saved messages that are then attached to new emails. It seems the saved format for messages is different and Mac Outlook cannot open/read messaged saved in Windows Outlook. There is a $5 program that will help with that. My company won't buy it. So anytime I get a message with saved messages I just reply I cannot see them. Oh well.