Office v.X GM problems


Ummm, yeah, so I find myself using a copy of Office v.X GM (yeah, sure it is!!) on my iBook 500/DVD...anyway, 10.1 itself is quite snappy on this machine, I've never had any problems. Office installed just fine, and in fact was quite quick in navigating windows....however, I tried to open a 41 page document, and I would click to insert the cursor and the spinning rainbow comes up, then goes away, then comes back. When the cursor is there, my type is delayed and I can barely type for 5 seconds before the spinning rainbow comes back. The iBook has 384MB RAM, so that cant be an issue. Whats going on here? Should I put it down to it being a beta version? Is there a problem with 10.1? I had no problems running other programs in 10.1 before this. I like the Office interface, but obviously at this point it is unusable!



if it *was* Final, these things might still happen, but then you could complain....
...but maybe they still don't listen.....
If you were a Beta could write a Bug report.

a small, but relevant point.