Office V.x SR1 Problems


I applied the SR1 Update to my copy of Office. The update went smoothly; the installer didn't ask for any new ownership information.

Prior to the update, everything ran fine. However, after it, Word, Excel and PowerPoint all "quit unexpectedly" after about two bounces. Entrourage gets a little further, and tells me that "An error occured while launching. The 'Entrourage Temp' folder could not be found. It is likely that you have a file with the same name or an alias that doesn't point to a folder."

Any help or suggestions?

TiBook, 512 RAM, 40 GB, OS X 10.2.1


Are you running the apps from the Dock? If so, have you placed your new apps in the Dock, or are you running the old superceded apps that are now actually sitting in your Trash?. I had a similar problem and it was because of this reason. :)