Office v.X


KU Mac Geek
It looks soo good. I am NOT a MS fan, but dang! This looks just great, not like '98 or 2001 (or whatever thy called it). I am going to get this. Just the box looks better!

Check it out!

Yeah mS sucks
but theyre doing a good job on office x

the box looks like the Sony Walkman stuff :)

printed it and read over it.. Seems better than the classic version
all i use of MS is Entourage and IE
:) Damn right this app looks incredible! I want it now. I though it was coming out in October though, oh well just another month to wait. I guess I wil buy it with my Gamecube come November.

I heard something bad about the pc version however. Apparently, M$ made it so that you can only install it on one computer. I guess this has to do with some sort of online verification because you can't write on the CD. I hope this is not the case because there is no way I'm buying this three times.

Hmmm Carracho?