Office v.X


Hay anyone download Office v.X yet? Is it worth it. I mean how long will it last before it expires or whatever. Since they are letting you download it it cant be the full version.

Well, unfortunately they're only releasing a feature limited version of Word, not the full office suite. Plus you need 10.1 to run it. Nonetheless, I'll be downloading the Word trial on Saturday just as soon as I install the 10.1 update.
it's ok. there is still a lot of work to be done. Apparently the guy who provided it decided that he wanted the world to know who he was, and forgot to take his information out of the startup box. Dumbass... oh well. I will definately be purchasing Office X, provided they fix all the problems I've seen.

See Microsoft!? Hotline isn't that bad... :eek: I'll mail you my registration with this nic on it so you know I wasn't lyin'...

Did anyone else catch that article on /.?
Just try and disable something Bill. ;)

Later on all
I only have X.1 on my iBook, which I installed the Word X preview on yesterday since I need it for classes. From I've seen so far it works just fine, smoother than Word 2001 does in 9.2 on my G4, IMO. I'll definately be upgrading to Office v.X when it's released, hopefully the financial hit for an Educational Upgrade won't be too bad...

BTW, the Word X preview says it is good until January 1, 2002. I'm assuming that that is the set date nomatter when you install it.