Officejet K80 with G5 2.3 Mac OS X 10.4.11


Can someone help me installing this printer?

I have only connected the printer to the Mac. It is installed with the standard driver of OS X. When I give a print job I see the job in the queue and then it
disappeared without printing anything.

What can I do with this ?

Thanks for help.


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I found this:

This printer (OfficeJet K80)is quite an older version of the Office Jet printers of HP. You just have to plug it in to your Mac and and the printer is automatically installed. It has inbuilt preloaded drivers. Otherwise just follow the simple steps in "Add a Printer".

You could also try HPIJS which is a collection of optimised drivers for HP Printers.

Another member asked a similar question here recently .... you could try Gimp Print Drivers ....

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